Recent portfolio projects

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IBM Cognitive Studio Concept (2016)

IBM Australia asked for a vision of an exhibition space that demonstrates IBM Cognitive techologies with Watson.

The narrator makes total of six stops throughout the guided experience:

  1. Cognitive language analyzer
  2. Holographic welcome
  3. Insights VR with sentiment and analytics
  4. Cognitive wine bar
  5. App demo wall
  6. Gift (personalized business app)

The design was inspired by a visit I made to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul a couple of years ago—the interior and lighting designs in particular.



Creative Direction, Concept Design: Matt Sung, Sara Blake
Motion graphics: Brian Cariaga
Script: Alexandra Wood, Matt Sung
Video Production: Matt Connor

IBM Cognitive Website (ongoing)

When a user lands on this page they are served up with content related to the following industries: insurance, retail, telecom, banking, or health. The content personalization happens through their IP address, or if they enter the site through paid media. If none of these apply, then the page is served with default content.

View live site



Creative Direction: Matt Sung
Design: Matt Sung, Salvador Velez
UX: Carlos Lema
Production: Charles Lano, Brad Tuyay
Development: Vishwas Chouhan

Masters App Ecosystem (2015/2016)

For the Masters Golf Tournament, the most trafficked website during the live broadcast, we developed an app ecosystem that spanned from responsive web to Android to iOS.

The project discovery phase included several iPad app prototype builds as well as feature mapping sessions, which led to parity across all platforms. As the interactive creative director at Imaginary Forces, I led the design team by hiring four freelance visual designers, working hands-on with interactive prototypes, and collaborating with the developer partner, IBM ix.



Creative Direction: Matt Sung
Design: Matt Sung, Henry Chang, J.L. Novosad, Aaron Perez, Michelle Wiley, Eddie Chu
UX: Christopher Harrington
Production: David Lucas
Partner: IBM

Masters Lab Concept Design (2014)

The Masters Golf Tournament's digital committee asked for some "big thinking" over the next five years. What we came up with was an in-person experience at the elusive Berckman Place.

The result was an exercise in augmented reality, live streaming, historical data, and predictive analytics.



Creative Direction: Matt Sung, Tosh Kodama
Design: Matt Sung, Tosh Kodama, Henry Chang