IF's first Interactive CD

Alongside a team of designers and directors, I crafted pitches and executed creative visions for various tech, media, and entertainment clients. I worked closely with the General Manager and Managing Directors to strategize new business leads and proposals for the new digital department.

In order to exceed the firm's most profitable client’s expectations, I brought on a team of art directors and designers to design prototypes that could be reviewed instead of presentations. This process led to a more fluid process between design and engineering, and decreased the overall time from UX design to production.

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My Role as Interactive Creative Director:
  • Creative Direction
  • Business Development
  • Team Management
  • UX Direction
  • UX Design
  • Workshop Design
  • Platform Design
  • Animation Direction
  • Interaction Design
  • Client Presentations

Conceptual Work

Since the movie, Minority Report, Imaginary Forces has been synonymous with modern and cutting edge design and visual graphics.

Part of client asks generally included some forward thinking UX and visual design. This allowed the teams and I to break free from everyday design constraints and push design boundaries.

  • Augmented Reality Concept (2014)

    The Masters Golf Tournament's digital committee asked for some "big thinking" over the next five years. What we came up with was an in-person experience at the elusive Berckman Place.

    The result was an exercise in augmented reality, live streaming, historical data, and forecasting analytics.

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Digital designers onboarded


App Downloads


Prototypes Built

Results Details

Within a year I was able to successfully ramp up a team to tackle the top billable client and help to establish the UX/UI practice at Imaginary Forces.

The top client, a Fortune 50 CEO, responded to a platform redesign with high praise, using multiple exclamation points (!!) to enthusiastically remark on the website as well as the 4 ☆+ rated apps on both Google Play and iOS App stores.