Brief Mobile UX Consulting

The Client goal was to increase audience engagement cycles through a general improvement in organic SEO and by implementing additional UX strategies.

In order to accomplish this, we conducted a thorough UX analysis on a select number of global properties, which included stakeholder interviews, general usability and performance tests, design exercises, and SEO insights.

Based on the best data at the time, an example recommendation was to add the page below:

Launch Site →
My Role as UX Lead, Designer:
  • UX Direction
  • UX Performance Analysis
  • UX Flows and Funnel Analysis
  • UX Insights
  • UX Recommendations
  • IxD

Performance Test Results

01 / Hypothesis

In order to extend audience engagement on the site, we need to integrate content relevant to users’ interests. This includes examining the overall site structure and various types of content.

02 / Research

In addition to sourcing outside research, the strategy and UX teams worked with the SEO team to define keywords and areas of opportunity for content development and growth.

03 / Evaluation

We looked at data on a sample set of global sites and ran performance tests against different variables. This informed our design decisions and recommendations for content integration and programming cycles.


This was the first engagement for the team with the global Samsung client, which meant delivering value early and often. The engagement grew the business in key areas for the agency, SapientRazorfish_, in 2018.

Design Samples